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There are a couple of important things to keep in mind when you need emergency asphalt repair for a commercial property in the GTA. While there’s no shortage of companies out there offering the best service, only the finest in the industry are able to offer the diversity required to solve any problem while providing a long lasting and professional job. With the frequent freeze and thaw cycles in the GTA that wreak havoc on our pavement, property managers, private property owners, and anyone else dealing with a parking lot should have the name and number of an expert team of asphalt professionals. Knowing what to look for in an asphalt repair team can make selecting the right team for your needs simple.


Diverse Skills


One of the most important things to consider is how well the company in question knows their trade. Not every team has the ability to cover every aspect of asphalt repair and replacement effectively, efficiently, and for a reasonable price. Some of the most common emergency asphalt repair jobs include:

  • Sunken areas
  • Access ramp repairs
  • Municipal road repairs


Less qualified teams may be able to handle one or two of these jobs, but only the most experienced and reputable in the GTA can cover any asphalt related problem you may encounter when you are responsible for providing safe and reliable access to and from your properties.


Short Notice


If you’re facing an asphalt emergency, you’re going to need a team able to respond as quickly as possible. Those in the paving industry typically only operate for about eight months a year. In the off season, they’re usually busy scheduling work that can begin as soon as the weather turns. For smaller companies, this, in theory, leads to less downtime, as the company’s equipment and workforce are scheduled for the whole season. If you need emergency asphalt repairs, it’s next to impossible to get fast service from a very small firm. When you’re looking for a paving team to keep in your contact book, be sure that they have the equipment and manpower to help out on short notice should the need arise.




Repairing asphalt goes beyond dumping hot product in a hole and packing it down. It takes an experienced eye and professional hand to understand the underlying problem and make repairs accordingly. The finest in the industry can confidently stand firmly behind their work by offering an unheard of three-year warranty of their repair jobs. By opting for a team that shows pride in their work and proves it on paper you're protecting your investment.


When it comes to emergency asphalt repairs, you're getting what you pay for– And it's well worth paying to bring in the best team available. By putting aside some time to do a little research, you can find the right paving company for your unique needs. Crossing off the companies that can’t deliver a diverse range of pavement maintenance services on short notice with at least three year warranty is definitely a task that will save you money, time and stress in the long run. Contact the best today to learn more about the services afforded to those who make the right choice.

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